Superstition: People Terrified To Help Masquerade Killed In Accident


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In Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, during a cultural celebration Ekpo a popular but scary masquerade was hit by a vehicle in a hit and run accident, on Thursday.

The identity of the Ekpo is unknown, he was hit when the vehicle in an attempt to avoid crashing into another vehicle hit the Ekpo at high speed, running him over. This happened in the Offot axis of Uyo, close to the University of Uyo’s main campus.

A witness told Saturday Sun “People could not go to help him because Ekpo is a dreaded culture. They just stood at a distance to observe him writhe in pains till he died.”

Eyewitness reports stated the people of Akwa Ibom have controversial views about Ekpo most thinking him a spirit from another world, they believed the accident, part of an act played out by Ekpo in which he would stand and continue his act, until it became clear he was not going to stand up.

Mr Charles Udoh the state commissioner for information said, when he was informed that Ekpo had been killed, he called the appropriate authorities to go and evacuate the corpse.

“The unfortunate thing is that he was dead before help could come his way. And knowing how people regard Ekpo in our climate, maybe, if he was a normal person that was knocked, passers-by could have stopped to help.”

“But Ekpo is not easy to deal with, especially the female folks. Taking him with the mask to the hospital could cause a serious stir. So maybe people were just waiting, looking on till he died.”

The state police command said the incident was not reported in any of the police stations in the area of the accident.

Mr Elkana Bala The Deputy Superintendent of police (DSP)The command public relations officers (PPRO), told Saturday Sun that when he heard the news he called the DPOs within Uyo but they all appeared ignorant of the situation.

“We have not received that report. When I saw the report online I asked all the DPOs from that axis and they said they never received such a report. If it is not reported, I cannot confirm. Maybe they just went and carried the corpse. My response is, we have not received that report.”

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