Swiss Govt Reveals Important Detail About Abacha Loot


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The Swiss Ambassador to Nigeria, Eric Mayoraz, has disclosed that all Abacha loots have been successfully repatriated to Nigeria.

He said the European had earlier repatriated $752 million before the last tranche of $321 million which is being domiciled with the Central Bank of Nigeria.

Mayoraz added that there was no more Abacha loot in Switzerland.

Speaking at an event to examine assets recovery efforts between both nations, Mayoraz revealed that new legislation have been enacted in Switzerland to prevent future hiding of stolen wealth in the country.

He said, “As a way out of what led to Abacha loot, we have signed a Mutual Legal Assistance treaty with Nigeria and it is meant to enable us to track and expose those who want to bring in illicit wealth and prosecute them in accordance with the laws in place.

“It is to be made clear that the new laws in Switzerland do not allow for any stolen wealth to be kept in any place in the country.”

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