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Arik Air To Resume Flight Operations From Oct. 24

The management of Arik Air has announced the resumption of flight operations

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UNBELIEVABLE! Lady shocked as Airport Officials Push airplane (Video)

Online users have been thrown into a state of bewilderment after a

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Russia hails miracle after plane makes emergency landing near Moscow

Russians hailed a miracle on Thursday after a passenger plane carrying 233

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Man helps himself to climax aboard Delta Airline flight (video)

Some passengers aboard a Delta Arline flight could not believe their eyes

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Plane crash claims ten lives in Texas

A total of ten individuals lost their lives on Monday morning after

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12 missing as Indonesian helicopter missing in Papua

The spokesperson of the Indonesia military command in Papua on Friday, said

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Switzerland bans commercial Ju-52 flights after deadly crash

Switzerland is withdrawing a tourist airline’s commercial licence to carry paying passengers

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Cuba Announces Two Days Of Mourning For The 107 Dead In Plane Crash

Cuba has begun two days of national mourning on Saturday after the

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Plane Crashes In Cuba Shortly After Take Off

A fireball was seen in Cuba in a rural area after a

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Plane Crash Kills 40

Nepali rescue workers have been scrambling to look for survivors in airplane

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Woman’s Phone Catches Fire While On A Plane

A passenger was injured during a Canadian domestic flight on Thursday morning

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Ethiopian Airlines set to Commence Direct Flight to Geneva

Ethiopian Airlines, Africa’s largest carrier, has announced its plans to commence direct

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Russian plane crash linked to possible malfunction of wing flaps

Investigators believe that a malfunction of wing flaps could be behind the

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Arik Air Aircraft’s Engine Shuts Down During Flight

An Arik Air aircraft suffered a major setback mid-flight on Friday, as

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American Airlines Flight Bursts Into Flames In Chicago’s O’Hare Intl. Airport

American Airlines flight 383, which was departing for Miami from Chicago, blew

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Brave Firefighter Confirmed Dead In Emirates Plane Fire Incident

The first causality of the Emirates Airplane which caught fire upon landing

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Emirates Plane Involved In Fire Accident

An airplane belonging to Emirates Airline suffered a major accident after it

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Man Chokes Woman On A Plane As Flight Is Diverted

A US flight was diverted on Sunday after a female passenger accused

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Mercy Johnson Caught Sleeping in the Air

Popular Actress shared photos of her family sleeping inside a flight. She

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