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Mexican Ex-Governor Arrested In US On Corruption Charges

Former Mexican governor, Cesar Duarte Jaquez who has been on the run

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United States Set to Deport International Students Who Switch to Online Learning

The United States has announced that international students whose institutions switch to

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China Threatens To Retaliate Against US Over Hong Kong

China’s Central Government and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) government

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11 Nigerians Arraigned for Fresh $6m Fraud in the United States

The District of New Jersey has arraigned 11 Nigerians for a $6

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United States Suspends Work Visas Till End of 2020

The White House has announced that it will prolong a ban on

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Russia Jails Ex-US Marine for Spying and Stealing State Secrets

A court in Russia has sentenced an ex-US Marine and businessman to

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International Criminal Court Hits Back At U.S. For Financial And Travel Sanctions On Court Officials

The International Criminal Court (ICC) hit back at the United States this

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US, Russia To Start Nuclear Arms Control Talks This Month

The United States and Russia will discuss arms control in Vienna on

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COVID-19: Social Justice over Social Distance in America

For a long time public health experts warned against re-opening of the

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Gambia Demands Answers After Diplomats’s Son is Killed By US Police

The government of Gambia is demanding answers from the US government after

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U.S. Cities Extend Curfews, Deploy Soldiers As Street Anger Mounts

Dozens of cities across the United States extended curfews through Sunday night

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George Floyd Protests Continue to Spread Across the United States

Protests over the death of an unarmed African American man, George Floyd

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SpaceX launches US Astronauts into Space For First time in 9 Years (Video)

The United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has made history

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Hydroxylchloroquine: What The Media Failed to Tell You

Since US President, Donald Trump announced that he had been taking Hydroxylchloroquine

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15 Former African Leaders Express Support for Adesina, Shun United States

14 former African Presidents including a former Prime Minister have expressed their

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Forbes Billionaire, Invictus Obi Set To Plead Guilty to Wire Fraud

Obinwanne Okeke also known as Invictus Obi, once touted by Forbes as

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Hydroxylchloroquine Has A Huge Success Rate in Treatment of COVID-19 Patients

A report released by the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS)

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Murdered African American, Ahmaud Arbery was Victim of Police Assault in 2017

Latest video evidence have revealed that a recently murdered African American male,

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U.S. Says China Must Pay $2 bn WHO Pledge

  The United States on Monday said China must pay more than

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China Blocked WHO From Sounding the Alarm on COVID-19 – CIA

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of the United States has alleged that

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Breaking: U.S. State Supreme Court Declares Covid19 Lockdown Illegal

The Supreme Court of Wisconsin State in the U.S has overturned the

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U.S State Police Refuse To Enforce Governor’s Lockdown Order

County Police in the US state of Michigan have refused to enforce

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COVID-19: 160 Stranded Nigerians Depart U.S. For Abuja

The first batch of Nigerians stranded in the United States due to

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Abacha Loot: Fresh $ 319 million in UK, France

It’s been only a week since the United States repatriated $311m (N118bn)

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U.S. COVID-19 Assistance To Nigeria Rises To N11.6bn

The United States says its coronavirus (COVID-19) emergency assistance to Nigeria has

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FG Makes Changes In Evacuation Of Nigerians From U.S.

Evacuation of the first batch of stranded Nigerians in the United States

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US House of Representatives members object plan to return Abacha loot

Two congressmen of the United States House of Representatives, Steve Chabot and Chris

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COVID-19: U.S-Based Companies Donate Medical Equipment, Consumables to Kogi

Two United States-based medical companies: Gillead Quantum Health Systems and Triple A

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Six New Coronavirus Symptoms Discovered

The US Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has updated the

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