Tattoo Saga: Bobrisky Requests Contact Of Lady Who Tattooed Ka3na’s Name


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Nigerian crossdresser, Okuneye Idris, popularly known as Bobrisky has decided to support the fan that tattooed Ka3na’s name on her body.

Recall few days ago, Ka3na took to social media to plead with fans to stop tattooing the picture or names of their Favourite Nigerian celebrities on their body after a fan tattooed her name on her thighs.

In the video, Ka3na indirectly called out Bobrisky, accusing him of condoning such behavior from fans by giving them money for tattooing his face and name on their bodies.

Bobrisky who is currently leading the tattoo fan love with over four fans who drew his face  and name on their body, has now reacted to Ka3na’s outburst and condemnation of celebrities who encourage fans to draw their tattoos by offering them cash gifts.

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After Ka3na released the video, the fan in question attempted suicide due to the insults she received from people.

Now, Bobrisky has demanded that people should send in her contact details or tag him to her page immediately.following her attempted suicide after being criticized by Ka3na.

Bobrisky wrote: Pls guys I heard that girl that wrote Ka3na name is at d hospital? Pls I need her contact ASAP or tag me her page. Let show her love guys…. depression is Real.”


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