Teenager Cries for Justice after suffering Sexual Assault twice in Two years


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A 14 year old girl is crying for justice after suffering sexual assault twice in two years the first attack having resulted in a seven months old baby.

The man responsible for her second experience of sexual assault has been identified as 45 year old Ifeanyi who is currently being held in Ekeki Police Station, Yenagoa, Bayelsa State; the man is being held on charge of raping the 14-year-old girl, identified as Gloria.

It was learnt that the victim had been sexually assaulted almost two years prior to this one; that assault resulted in a pregnancy. The baby is now seven months old.

The latest rape occurred on Wednesday at a hotel in the Ekeki area of Yenagoa, the state capital.

Gloria narrated her latest ordeal revealing that the man who carried out the act of sexual assault against her lured her to the hotel on the pretext that he was going to help her get empowerment from the state’s Ministry of Women Affairs.

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According to the victim of sexual assault, Ifeanyi had told her and her mother that the government was empowering teenage mothers in the state and that he was willing to use his position to help her to get some form of government aid.

In her own words;

“On Wednesday, October 10, 2018, as I was at home, Ifeanyi, a friend to our neighbour, came to the house and told my mother that he wanted to take me to Women Affairs Ministry. He said that government was giving empowerment to those that gave birth under 18 years. So, my mother asked me to go with him.

On our way, we stopped at a bank where he withdrew money and thereafter, we went to Women Affairs Ministry.

When we got to the ministry, he went inside and came back to tell me that they asked us to come back by 10.00 AM the following day.

Somehow, I lost the money my mother gave me for transport. So, Ifeanyi said he would take me home. He stopped a tricycle operator and discussed with him. I did not know what they discussed. By the time we entered the tricycle, the operator passed our area. I drew his attention to it and he said somebody was calling him and that he was going to see the person. He said I should not bother and that he would bring me back since he was the one that came to take me from our home.

The tricycle operator took us straight to a hotel at Ekeki, behind the Christ Apostolic Church. I stood outside the hotel, holding my baby; but he urged me to come inside.

When I refused to go inside, he came to where I was standing, pushed me inside the room and locked the door. I started shouting, but nobody appeared to hear me. I later learnt that the manager of the hotel had gone to buy fuel.

“As I was screaming, he forcefully took my baby from me and threw her on the floor. Thereafter, he pounced on me and raped me.”

The teenager further described the ugly incident stating that she was injured and bleeding at the end of the sexual assault and although she was in pains, she managed to carry her baby and headed for Ekeki Police Station to report the case.

 “When I got home, I told my mum what happened. Later, some policemen came and started looking for him. The policemen were just hanging around, waiting for the call. It was learnt that later, the man went back to the hotel to pay the hotel bill, in the course of which the manager called the Police who apprehended him,” she added.

Gloria, while crying for justice revealed that she suffered her first sexual assault when she was 12, stressing that since then, she has never been the same again.

She appealed to the relevant authorities to intervene in the matter for justice to prevail as she broke down in tears.

A senior police officer, who craved anonymity, confirmed the ugly incident and said that due to the sensitive nature of the matter, the case would soon be transferred to the State Criminal Investigation Department.

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