Exposed: Tekashi accuses the Billboard of Manipulating Hot 100 chart


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American rapper and out-of-jail artiste, Tekashi popularly known as 6ix9ine has accused the Billboard of selling out the number one spot on its renowned Hot 100 chart.

Tekashi on Monday, released a 3 minute-55 second long video on his Instagram page to express his frustration at the occurrence.

According to the rapper, Ariana Grandé’s new single featuring Justin Bieber, stuck with you mysteriously jumped to the number one spot in the final hours of the chart’s weekly rating cycle that runs through Friday to Thursday.

In the video, Tekashi said: “I want the world to know the Billboard Chart is a lie. We are having an ongoing investigation. Last week Thursday, Ariana Grandé’s  “stuck with you” submitted 60,000 units at the last second”

The rapper also alleged that he carried out an investigation on the issue revealing that units of Ariana’s record were fraudulently bought to manipulate the ratings. “With the investigation, we found out that they purchased half of the units with 6 credit cards. When my team and I asked where those six credit cards were linked to, Billboard’s response was that “we cannot disclose that information.” He said

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“Understand that they bought 60,000 units with just 6 credit cards. Explain how you buy 60,000 units with just 6 credit cards.” Tekashi added.

He alleged that the number one spot on the chart can be bought. He said “The Billboard doesn’t want anyone to know about this. Artistes like Jay Z and Nicki Minaj used to look up to the Billboard, but now we know the charts are manipulated. It’s all fabricated. You can buy the number one spot on the charts“

The artiste goes on to share the screen from his mobile phone palmed with him displaying the number of streams of songs on the Billboard chart.

He said: “Gooba had 50 million streams, but Billboard counted only 31 million. Billboard illegally disqualified 20 million streams so they can move my song down the chart and give the people who bought the number one spot the first position.”

“Can the Billboard explain this to the hardworking and established artistes out there who don’t get number one spots on the chart?

“This time, the Billboard was caught cheating red handed . I want the world to know that you can buy the number one spot on the Billboard chart,” the rapper added.


The rapper explained that the occurrence belittles the struggles of hard working artistes in the industry. He said “It’s not fair to artistes who are working really hard. If you’re part of a label, just ask your management to buy you a number one record. That’s what the Billboard is doing.”

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