Tems Slammed Over Her Outfit to the 2023 Oscar Awards


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The recently held 95th Oscars Awards show had Nigerian singer, Tems, grace the event. The actress was clad in a stunning white dress with exquisite stylings.

The Oscars award held last night, March 12, and was to celebrate actors and actresses in the Hollywood movie scene for their exceptional performance in movies they featured on.

Actors such as Michelle Yeoh, Maria Pevchikh, Brendan Fraser and Ke Huy Quan were among winners of the award show.

However grand her outfit was, the singer’s outfit has received a lot of criticism following the lavish styling that affected those who sat right behind her at the award show.

Her outfit was defined as view-blocking by Westerners; and the grandeur done on it by the outfit’s creator was considered a hindrance to some others as people on the internet issued complaints over how her dress wouldn’t let some people see clearly.

While some complained over the complexity of Tems outfit, Nigerians took to defending her and appreciating the dress all the same.

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