Ten Affordable Valentine Gifts Ideas for your Significant Other


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The season to celebrate love is here, the special Valentine’s day where we exchange gifts with our loved ones. That you don’t have to break the bank to make your loved ones feel special, should not be an excuse to get them crappy gifts (rolls eyes).

This is why we have compiled a list of affordable Valentine gifts that would still make your Significant Other(SO) feel extra special.

  1. Couple’s spa date

We all know how ladies love to pamper their skin with cosmetic products. With a lady, you’ld hear stuff like face cream, face sponge, facial oil, facial this and facial that. (sighs).

Going on a couple’s spa date will give you both time to bond and have fun at it. Picture you and your Significant Other (SO) laughing together face all masked up.


2.  Perfumes

You can never go wrong with perfumes. I mean who doesn’t like to smell good? Trust me, every time s/he dabs that fragrance, only one person comes to mind. You!

Ten Affordable Valentine Gifts Ideas

Like that’s not enough, every time s/he gets complimented and people ask where s/he got it from, guess whose name your partner will say? (winks)

Gifting your partner perfumes is a great way to ensure your name pops up in their conversation with friends and strangers.

The innovation of perfume oils has made smelling good really affordable. You could opt for the oil version of your desired perfume if the price is on the high side.


3. Matching Sweaters

There’s nothing more assuring of a partner’s love like wearing matching clothings.

@simi_drey and boo rocking matching sweaters

This goes a long way to instill trust in that relationship. It shows your partner is proud to be seen in public with you.

Matching clothings is another way of saying “Yeah, we’re together” without actually talking.

This would earn you lots of awwws, cuddles and sloppy kisses

4. Chocolates and a huge teddybear

Chocolates and teddybear will always be a girl’s best friend. Everytime she snuggles and hugs that teddy, she’s thinking of the giver of the gift.

5. Lingerie and Underwear

Girls love to look good even after under their lovely outfit. They love to look in the mirror and admire that absolute gorgeous body clad in some sexy lingerie.(Holly Molly!)

Even a man knows the importance of a properly packaged meal. It’s one of the few details that distinguish an exotic dinner in a 5-star restaurant from a regular meal in a diner.

The presentation of the meal is tres important like my French friends would say.

You can get your SO a box of sexy lingerie or a pack of quality underwears


6. Kayaking , Horse riding, Bike Riding, Boat Ride

Bike ride sounds like fun because it is actually fun. Do something you’ve never done with your partner.

I promise you it will be an experience filled with giggles, chuckles and laughter

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