The $26billion NNPC contract award by Maikanti is for Buhari’s 2019 campaign- FFK


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The Former Minister of Aviation, Chief Femi Fani Kayode, who is standing trial over a monumental N46billion fraud, has stressed that the $26billiion contract allegedly awarded by Maikanti Baru, Group Managing Director of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation(NNPC), is connected to President Buhari’s campaign fund for the second term in office in 2019.

The Minister of State Petroleum, Ibe Kachikwu, on Tuesday had reported Maikanti Baru to President Muhammad Buhari, urging him to take urgent actions on matters ranging from illegal corrupt practices to insubordination.

The letter from Dr Ibe Kahikwu also accused Maikanti of awarding a $26billion contracts without regards to due process.

Reacting to the accusations by the Minister of State for Petroleum, which has dominated commentaries in both the electronic and print media, Fani Kayode, on his Twitter handle @realFFK, chided the President for Kachikwu’s ordeal, stating that the president was biased in running the affairs of the country.

He said, “Ibe Kachikwu does not appreciate the fact that to Muhammadu Buhari and his tiny cabal of ethnic supremacists, pillaging $26 billion from the Northern (sorry “Nigerian”) National Petroleum Corporation is nothing.

“Where else do you expect him to get the funds for his 2019?” he queried, adding that the Minister ought not to have been surprised as stated in his letter.

“Why is Ibe Kachikwu surprised that he has not been granted access to Muhammadu Buhari and that the Northern Managing Director of NNPC is undermining him? Did he expect it to be any different? Has he forgotten he is Igbo?” he wrote, adding that in the reasoning of the President, “All Southerners are slaves.”

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