The Bizarre World Cup Superstition That Might Have Won France The World Cup

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Who’d have thought that the World cup would not be won by the dazzling skills of the France squad, but rather Adil Rami’s moustache?

The Marseille defender did not play a single minute of football at the world cup, but may have won them the competition as his moustache was used as a good luck charm by most of the players and even the coach.

In 1998 it worked for the French team as most of them took to kissing the top of Fabian Barthez’s bald head as a sign of good luck before games and this time too, players took to touching Rami’s moustache before games for good luck.

It worked really well for Antoine Griezmann who actually started the tradition and he ended the competition with 4 goals including one in the final.

“Antoine Griezmann touched it before the game, and even the manager did to bring luck,” Rami told TF1.

“It is now the most famous moustache in France. I will keep it.”

Rami also announced that he would be retiring from international football and while he’s hardly had a stellar international career, he is a world cup winner and leaves the field with 35 caps to his name.

The French team consisted of a lot of players that aren’t from France originally and this diversity is something that Rami praised and said it was good to see.

“Me, I’m French of Moroccan origin and I’m proud of it, proud to show that I’m not a thug, proud to make my country joyous like that,” Rami said. “I love France. I am also happy for everyone. This country deserves that.

“The atmosphere was extraordinary. I have never seen such a French team with this sort of chemistry. France are world champions — we are diverse, we needed it, and everybody is celebrating, so that is huge!

“It was massive sacrifice and a lot of work, but we are champions in the toughest sport in the world.”

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Famutimi Femi is a writer for theheraldng. He is also a lawyer by trade. His hobbies include reading and writing, he also loves Renaissance art.

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