The Complete Guide to Project Management for Start-ups


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Aspiring entrepreneurs in Nigeria often underestimate project management, presuming it is only important for large corporations. In reality, it minimizes room for error in any organization. It lets business leaders optimize costs and stay within budget, anticipate risks and make sure the deadlines are met. Project management is crucial for success. Follow our guide to implement it correctly.

The Right Methodology

To pick the right approach, consider the structure of your company, its goals and deliverables. Evaluate your needs considering the complexity of your projects. Implement the following tips.

1.   Realistic Goals

Entrepreneurs should calibrate their goals so they are attainable. This brings a sense of happiness and fulfilment. To identify the right objectives, consider the foundation of your business — i.e., its clients and projects. Identify your long-term goals and the steps required to achieve them.

2.   Turn Setbacks into Success

Entrepreneurs face a plethora of difficulties throughout their careers. Complaints from shareholders, friction within the team, going over budget or missing deadlines can all hinder progress. Business leaders must learn to anticipate these risks and take measures to prevent them. If the setbacks happen, they should be turned into opportunities for growth.

3.   Self-evaluation

Periodically, review where you are, what you want from your business and why. What are your skills and passions? Do you have a clear goal? Are you ready to be an entrepreneur in general? Maybe you should change the direction and learn what is CFD trading instead.

4.   Plan Milestones

Milestones allow management to keep track of progress and communicate what is happening with their projects. They are vital for any plan. Identify the signposts and make sure your team members are on the same page. To do this,

  • break the project into tasks,
  • identify risks,
  • determine reporting procedures,
  • identify important dates,
  • set clear goals and requirements,
  • gain support from stakeholders.

5.   Regular Communication

Streamlined communication is the foundation of project management. Keep in touch with your team on a daily basis to make sure the requirements are being met. Keep the staff informed of any changes.

Polish your soft skills, as your ability to communicate effectively is essential for success. Aside from talking and listening, it concerns your understanding of the project in fine detail, articulating your vision clearly and being engaged with the team.

6.   Evaluate the Scope and Resources Required

The scope, budget, and time are three crucial constraints for any project. The Gantt charts will help you set clear time estimates. The scope of the project or product will determine the requirements for completion to your client’s satisfaction. Finally, develop a cost baseline with relevant variables for allocation, so you do not run out of money.

7.   Build an Effective Team

No entrepreneur can make it on their own. This is not forex trading, where you are solely responsible for the financial outcomes. Over a fifth of all start-ups fail because their teams lack the necessary skills, according to CBInsights. Aside from relevant professional experience, you need to make sure the members fit in with your team culture and row in the same direction. They should buy into your vision and understand the importance of customer service excellence.

8.   Keep Up with the Trends

According to recent studies, businesses with a proper EPMO (Enterprise Project Management Office) report can achieve almost 50% more than their original objectives. Corporations like Forextime admit their project management software is an important facilitator of their success. It is increasingly user-friendly and integrable.  These platforms help business leaders stay the course despite their workload and stress. Aside from an intuitive interface, the key features to look for in a software product are:

  • task management
  • planning
  • files and document storage
  • inventory management
  • scheduling of resources
  • file sharing
  • bug reports
  • invoices and budgeting

For example, ProofHub lets teams collaborate, manage and deliver projects on time. The system integrates with Dropbox and Google Drive for file storage and includes free Gantt charts for real-time progress monitoring. You can make to-do lists, share files and project templates, and keep each member of the team accountable for the number of hours a task takes. Other popular systems include nTask, Droptask, and Hitask.


To Sum Up

Project management is vital for any business, be it a start-up or a large corporation. To make sure all deadlines are met and projects are completed within budget, entrepreneurs must set a clear structure for every challenge, communicate with their teams effectively and monitor progress in real-time. Popular project management software will help you lay the foundation for long-term profitability.



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