The general impression in Nigeria is that nobody is in charge – OPC founder Fasehun

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The founder of Oodua Peoples Congress (OPC), Chief Frederick Fasehun, has thrown a subtle jibe at the President Muhammadu Buhari-led Federal Government, saying that it appeared that “the general impression in Nigeria is that nobody is in charge”.

Fasheun made this known in an interview published by Vanguard on Saturday.

According to him, the state of the nation would be much better if Nigerians paid closer attention to who governed them.

He said, “Our problem is leadership. There is no leadership. The general impression in Nigeria is that nobody is in charge. If anybody is in charge, the lives of almost 200 million people will not be like this. This is why whatever is happening now is provoking Nigerians to be more assertive in their choice of leaders. That is why some of us are particular about who comes on in 2019 and the type of leadership we want for Nigeria. If Nigerians had paid attention to the quality of leadership and made the right choices, things wouldn’t have been as they are.”

Fasehun blamed the military for lowering the standard of governance set in the First Republic by failing to keep promises, a trend he said later politicians copied from the military.

He noted, “Before independence, we had resonating wishes and promises were made and kept. Politicians promised us good roads, electricity, free education and we enjoyed some of these things till a few years after independence. But then in 1966, the military struck and things never remained the same. We have never recovered from the damage. Politicians have been coming and promising so many things: road construction, improved power supply, improved quality of life. But they have not been keeping these promises.”

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