The gods are angry with herdsmen as Thunder strikes 36 cows dead on Ondo sacred hill


36 cows have been struck dead by a thunderstorm in Ijare  community,  Ifedore local government area of Ondo state.

The dead cattle belonged to a Kwara state native, Ladam who moved to Ijare to do a cattle-rearing business.

The 36 cows struck dead, were grazing on  a hilltop  known as Oke-owa  when the tragic incident occurred. The Oke-owa hill is revered by members of Ijare community because of its sacredness.

According to the Tribune, an eyewitness described the incident as “the wrath of gods on herdsmen”

Oke-owa hill is so sacred that the King and some selected Chiefs are the only ones allowed to visit the hilltop once in a year, to perform rituals during the new yam festival.

Olujare of Ijare, Oba Adegbamigbe Oluwagbenigun who is the Traditional Ruler has reacted through his Second-in-Command, Chief Wemimo Olaniran.

According to Chief Wemimo Olaniran who is second-in-command to the Traditional Ruler and also the Sapetu of Ijare land, the herdsmen have been warned several times to desist from grazing their cattle near the sacred hilltop but they did not heed  the warnings.

“The herdsmen had been destroying our farmland for a very long time, leading to confrontations on many occasions. We have also warned against their cows going to the sacred hill, but they won’t listen.”

Still reacting, Chief Wemimo said ;

“We were there this morning(yesterday) and we saw about 36 cows dead, besides the ones inside the bush. It has happened and there is nothing we can do. We regard it as the act of God, which nobody can be query.”

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The Second-in-command also disclosed that the dead cows remain untouchable as they died a mysterious death on a sacred ground.

“Those cows would remain there and rot because nobody must touch them, otherwise there would be problem.”

The hill has since become a tourist centre as people trooped out en masse to get a good glimpse of the dead cows.

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