The higher the heels, the greater the damage


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These days, women do not care about how much pain they have to bear so far it makes them look ‘on fleek’. Women believe that if they wear high-heeled shoes they will become more attractive, sexier, more cultured, corporate and sophisticated as well as boost their confidence.

There are different kinds of heels, from the wedge, clogs, ankle strap heels, wedge sandals to the high heel sandals They come in various colors and length. In this post, we would focus on the disadvantages of high heels on the human body and thereafter offer a few tips to help the heel addicts.

Leg sprain

Leg sprain in women is caused majorly by high heels. This is likely to occur if the person is not used to wearing high heels. Take your time to walk while wearing heels, calculate your steps and stop running with heels. Try to avoid high heels if you are not using your own vehicle. That means you probably have to work for a long time.

Use these high heel sandals very rarely. Wearing heels regularly may cause serious leg and foot injuries in the future. Many of women are infatuated with high heels even if they are painful. It is a mentality of many women that high heels indicate higher status. Of what use is all the grace and elegance if your back and your legs constantly hurt when you approach 50?

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Back pain

Wearing heels pushes the entire pressure of the body on the lower back. This pressure falling on the lower back can cause intense or severe back pain. However proper way of walking, exercise and yoga may help you avoid and get rid of such back pain.

Difficulty in walking and foot pain

Many women find it difficult to walk with high heels. Walking long distance with high heels proves to be painful. It often causes heel pain due to walking or standing on high heels for longer time. The way of walking may also look wired. Difficulty in walking may also increase chances of losing balance and falling while walking. You also suffer from foot pain after walking with high heels. Because of high heels the entire pressure of body is concentrated on the feet. If this happens for a longer time it can cause foot and even hip pain.

So that killer heels might be killing you a lot more than you can imagine. Never the less, you do not have to give up on heels.

Just take safety precautions like:

Choose moderate heels.Wear heels on the days you do not have to walk or stand for long. Wear soft shoe pads to reduce the pain impact on your feet and knees. Make sure the shoe fits. And remember to stretch your feet every time you can.




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