The Political Cartoons Buhari Doesn’t Want Donald Trump To See (Images)


Nigeria’s president Muhammad Buhari started what appears to the casual observer to be a bromance with his United States of America counterpart, Donald J Trump.

Many Nigerians are dissatisfied with Buhari’s performance at home as under his leadership Nigeria has witnessed such a quantum of death not seen since the civil war.  However in the USA, Buhari sold himself to his American colleague as a president who is performing.

During the meeting with Trump, Buhari stated that herdsmen are not responsible for the slaughter of thousands of Nigerians this year alone and he passed the buck to the late Libyan leader, Muammar Gaddafi, who is conveniently not alive to come to his own defense.

Buhari, notorious for passing the buck of his many failures to hapless innocents, has drawn the ire of political cartoonists who are using art to drive the message of the chaotic levels of barbarism, death and horrors that trail the Buhari administration.

Led by the respected and award winning Mike Asukwo and under the auspices of the hashtag #drawingblood, many Nigerian illustrators have come up with compelling images that show the blatant disrespect and disregard for lives that the herdsmen in Nigeria have. The collection features submissions from artists like Bulama; Franklyn Oyekusibe; Francis Odute; Moses Osawe; Boye Gbenro; Victor Asowata and Mike Asukwo just to name a few.

However  their immunity from justice continues to linger as President Buhari continues to be their life long grand patron.




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