The Ultimate Guide To Betting on Football


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Many people like to watch football; it’s the world’s most popular sport. This is partly due to the huge amount of games played all the time and the fact that it’s the most popular sport globally regarding viewing figures.

Many countries allow citizens to bet on sports. This activity has become very popular in the last decade and is now a major part of the economy. The most popular sports betting games are soccer, cricket, American football, and horse racing.

The fact that football is played around the globe means there are always games to bet on. Many sportsbooks worldwide offer odds on football matches all day, whether in South America, Europe, the Middle East, or Asia. Find more information about football betting at Judi Bola Online.

Getting Started with Football Betting

You can now bet on college and professional football with ease and enjoyment. You have two options – a winner and an over/under in the past. You can now bet on everything from the first quarter spread to the quarterback’s passing yardage to the first touchdown scored in a game that is currently being played.

The following tips are helpful for first-time soccer bettors:

  1. Time 

The ticket writers at most sportsbooks like to speak with first-time bettors. But not at noon on weekends. Make sure you plan to contact them during business hours.

  1. Mobile applications

Get familiar with the app you will be using before visiting the sportsbook. You’ll be familiar with the kinds of bets they offer.

  1. Money

Cash is the only medium of payment in sportsbooks. It would be annoying to stand in line only to place your bets at the counter because you have no money with you. This happens frequently.

Understanding Football Betting Odds

The rotation number, the point spread, the total, and the Money line are four key pieces of information you need to focus on when betting on a football game.

Rotation Number

In front of each team’s name, you’ll see the three-digit number. Tickets are sold using numbers, not team names. Their rotation number is used to eliminate confusion between them and the bettors. Identify the game you want to bet on with the rotation number.

Point Spread

Whenever you view the odds board, you will see the favorite are indicated with a minus sign. To cover the spread, the team must win by that many points. It’s understood that the underdog team will also receive the same amount of points so that you won’t see a number for them.

In Total

Depending on how many points will be scored between the two teams, you have the option to wager on the “over” or “under.”


There are $100 Moneyline bets, with minus signs in front of the favorites’ numbers, plus signs in front of underdogs’ numbers. You have to win the game if you bet on the Moneyline. Point spreads are not involved.

How Is Over/Under Calculated In Football Betting?

Both teams will score a certain number of points in the contest. There is a wide range of college football totals, from the upper 30’s to the low 80’s. The NFL totals are more constant. The average professional football total is in the upper to mid-40s. The wager is based on whether both teams will score more or fewer points during the contest.

Betting on Football with the Moneyline

Many casual bettors don’t want to learn the spread or the over-under. They want to pick a winner. The betting industry is full of these people, who are happy to take their money on a short-term basis and not worry about the long-term consequences.

You pick the winner of the game without considering any point spread or other factors when betting on the Moneyline. You have to wager more on the favorite to win the desired amount on a Moneyline since there is no point spread involved. A bet on the underdog will earn you a larger profit on the Moneyline.

To win $100 when playing the favorite on the Moneyline, you need to lay down the amount shown. In the case of an underdog, you would win $100 based on the number you see. You would lay $100 to make $175 and collect $275 if you were betting a +175 underdog on the Moneyline. You are simply picking the winner of a game without reference to point spreads.


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