The Vision Mercedes Maybach Ultimate Luxury Limousine

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The Vision Mercedes Maybach Ultimate Luxury Limousine is so revolutionary it’s been given its own category, Sport Utility Limousine.

A fusion of the space of SUV and the luxury of a Limousine. Literarily the car is an SUV at the front and a Limo at the back. Totally electric with a revolutionary bunnet area that Mercedes is calling the “frunk”. The frunk is a two-compartment trunk. There’s the engine on one side and on the other side you get more storage space so you can carry more of your luggage.

The Vision Mercedes Maybach Ultimate Luxury Limousine

With rose gold finishing on the back of the seats and the handles plus seat controls. Blue led lights glow from the abyss that the inner finishing of the door. Drive and Reverse LED indicators are hiding behind the AC vent at the driver’s side and Mercedes appears to have taken inspiration for the Steering Wheel looks from a gas burner as it glows blue around a black central and silver Mercedes logo.

Inside you get pillows, headrest and a hidden compartment at the center which with the push of a button reveals a tea set fixed on top of a warmer. A standard Limousine would come with a wine set, not a tea set but since 80% of Maybachs are sold in China, Mercedes, as decided to appeal to the Chinese market with the tea, set concept instead of a wine compartment.

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Before anyone goes off searching for the price of this car, it is noteworthy to mention that it is a concept car. This means most a lot of the concept will carry over to the commercial releases of cars from over the next few years but probably not all.

Overall, this car doesn’t disappoint and it’s only a matter of time before we see some of our favorite celebrities flexin on the gram with one.

Check out the video below


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