The disadvantages of sleeping with a pillow


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Feather pillows often do not maintain significant support throughout the night because they tend to sink in to some degree.

As a result, you may find yourself needing to adjust the pillow during the night. And fluffing the pillow or shaking it may also be required to return the pillow to its preferred loft. As the pillow ages, increased fluffing or shaking will be required.

The hard quills of the feathers can often be noticed through the case and can even poke through. Furthermore, you may notice a crunching-like noise when the pillows are compressed because the feathers can contain hard parts or because the pillow has a plastic layer to prevent the feathers from poking through.

Also, feather pillows have been known on occasion to have an odor, maybe of a water fowl or chemicals used to sanitize the feathers. So, let us outline the disadvantages:

The disadvantages:

1. It causes wrinkles on face.
People who do not use pillows will have a low chance of getting wrinkles on the face. The reason is, those who do not use a pillow do not faceprint on the pillow as that can cause wrinkles on the face.

2. It could cause neck pain
Sleeping using a pillow could become the main source of shoulder and neck pain. Although it is still advisable to warm up (stretching) and using the heater, the best method to relieve this pain is by sleeping without a pillow. However, sleeping without a pillow can cause problems for people who are already accustomed to using it. For these people, it is recommended to gradually reduce the thickness of the pillow.

3. Disadvantage to the backbone
Sleeping without a pillow is considered the most healthy method because it provides benefits to the spine. Sleeping with the back to allow the backbone to fully rest with the natural curve of the body in place. When we sleep with a thick pillow, the backbone location will change and you may experience back pain the next morning. So, sleeping without a pillow is the best medicine for back pain.

4. Decreases Quality sleep
If you want to get a quality sleep then you are advised to get rid of your pillow because it can hinder your sleep. Sleeping without a pillow will make good quality sleep because your body position is at a normal level.

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