Thief Dives Into Crocodile infested Water To Escape Mob


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Shadreck Vitto an alleged goat thief, in the village of Chikwawa in southern Mali, in an attempt to flee a mob, has jumped into a crocodile-infested river.

The the Twenty three-year-old Malian had been in hiding for three days after stealing four goats in his village of Chikwawa, southern Malawi.

He was spotted by residents in Lazaro Village. The furious villagers chased him, hoping to teach him a lifetime lesson. They trapped him on the banks of Maperera River, In front of him was a crocodile infested river rather than take the beating he jumped into the water.

He was immediately attacked by two crocodiles that mauled his shoulder and legs.

Shadreck screamed and fiercely wrestled the crocodiles according to Chikwawa Police Station spokesman, Constable Foster Benjamin. Good Samaritan’s came and rescued him carrying him to nearby Chikwawa District Hospital.

Benjamin said Shadreck’s condition is stable.

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