Mon. Jun 1st, 2020

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7 thoughts on “Things are getting out of hand in Nigeria – Aisha Buhari raises alarm

  1. Prof Yemi Osinbanjo should stop talking rubbish, who are the many that is beating the drum of war, he should be man enough to say it.
    The issue of Biafran referendum has been on the air enough and by so may people that it deserves attention. It is a major concern for well over 25% of the population and it is not going away. This issue should be addressed appropriately instead of talking about war.
    Why must a group threaten war because another group is seeking to liberate themselves from what they consider entrapment?
    Biafra wants to go and this desire is unrelenting and nigeria will never be stable and progressive without dealing with this issue. We all are witness to the impact on nigeria of IPOB offensive. The offensive is going to get worse if anything and try as it may nigeria will continue to go down internationally. .

  2. With what SW did with the launch of Ametokun, it’s advisable to have ipob shut up. All you guys do is shout ‘foolish’ ‘idiot’ ‘stupid’ on social media. Not even a single noise from SW until Booooom “Ametokun”!! Time you guys learn some lessons.

    1. That is your choice. Agitation for Biafra is no longer a secret affair. For your information if you haven’t heard war have been fought. Biafra don pas the stage of back door meetings. No dull moments

    2. Imbecile! Ipob is not moronic and fact like you!
      We don’t make noise,usually whenever we pushes idiots like you, we do.command you also where to fall!
      We are not like the Nigerian hopeless youths and the criminal politicians they worship, all we ask.for is simple, Biafran referendum for a working country unlike the nigeria expired entity where the fulanis can do.and undo.and everything goes!
      Onuku face your hopeless situation and country as ipob continues their offensive against the damnable zoological Fulani republic

  3. No o o o !
    Things are never getting out of hand at all because your husband who is lord of the manor is in firm control since he had appointed his capable men from his Fulani tribe to all the security outfits and all meaningful sections of the country to the exclusion of others !!
    You believe you own Nigeria abi ?
    Don’t worry,the “useful idiots” as you refer to the Yoruba’s have come up with a surprise “AMOTEKUN”, not minding your fake and dubious contraption called APC
    Wait for more !!!

  4. Woman, go and start with your husband. He was the one who divided Nigeria and made a mess of it. All the political posts in Nigeria have been taken by your people, unemployment, hunger and starvation etc. You all are there bearing Nigeria leaders for nothing. You need to learn how to tie your shoe laces before you think of leadership. APC has crippled Nigeria. Period!!

  5. The cultural values and diversity in Nigeria require an individualistic and collaborative autonomy. The centralisation of governance of the moment is shoddy and flawed. Several constitutional policies and strategic planning are filled with ambiguous interpretation with a more inflexible implementation. Subsequently, some parts of the dicersity are marginalised and subjugated while for years, people’s representations have identified, lobbied and protested over these. Fact remains that people continually become aware and where there’s no felt and visible response more activity is considered to be the next line of reaction, going forward. The problem is that many politicsl and non-political demographics lack emotional intelligence leading to the need for demographic changes.
    Maybe Nigeria wasn’t designed to be one united country. Hence the need for self governance in while or in part.

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