Three 10-year-old Boys Sexually Assault 11-year-old Girl In Cemetery

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Three boys under the age of 10 have sexually assaulted an 11-year-old girl  as she walked through Teddington cemetery in South-West of London.

According to Associated Press, the girl, who was with a friend at about 3:30pm on October 20, was approached by the boys who wore shiny blue suits and white shirts while the girl’s friend ran off and hid. The boys then kissed the 11-year-old and sexually assaulted her.

A man who was cycling through the cemetery shouted at them to stop and they walked off.

PC Jamie Oprey said: “The victim has been left extremely distressed by this attack, which took place in broad daylight … I am keen to speak to anyone who was in the cemetery at the time of the incident and could help us identify the boys responsible.

“I am also keen to speak to the man on the bicycle who intervened and stopped the attack – his information could prove invaluable in helping to find these boys.”

The three boys, who are thought to have been attending a traveller funeral, were white and had short blond or brown hair.

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