Three People Killed in New Orleans Shooting Incident –Manhunt Underway


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Another shooting has taken the lives of three people in a shooting incident in New Orleans.

While confirming the killings, police revealed that two people fired indiscriminately into a crowd on Saturday night and killed two people while injuring several others. The police also confirmed that a massive manhunt was underway for the suspects.

New Orleans Police Chief Michael Harrison reiterated that the two suspects who wore hoods shot at a crowd in a daiquiri shop located in the 3400 block of Claiborne Avenue; three miles from the New Orleans French quarters.

The police also confirmed that the individuals who were armed with a long rifle and a handgun, fired indiscriminately at the crowd and another individual on the floor whom it appears they shot at more than once before running away on foot.

The New Orleans police chief called it a tragic incident as he held a press conference regarding the incident on Sunday.

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The two deceased individuals included a man and a woman while seven others including five men and two women were injured in the attack; one of them critically.

Several New Orleans news outlets described a chaotic scene filled with shouts and crying throughout Saturday night into the early hours of Sunday.

Last week a gunman had also killed a woman and injured several others in a supermarket standoff that lasted for several hours. The man had shot his grandmother several times, taken a woman hostage in the boot of a vehicle and led policemen on a high speed chase which finally ended in a supermarket standoff where the gunman held several shoppers hostage.

The standoff ended a couple of hours later when police negotiators managed to convince the man to hand himself over.  Police however reported that the man had expressed remorse over the woman that died in the incident.

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