TikTok Deleted 104 Million Videos in 2020 for Rules Violation


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Chinese owned video app, TikTok announced that it deleted over 104 million videos from its platform in the first half of 2020 for violating terms of service and guidelines.

Issuing a transparency report on Tuesday, TikTok said 96.4% of the videos were deleted before being reported while 90.3% were removed before receiving any views. The report also stated that the app started to fact-check coronavirus and US elections related content posted on its platform in the first half of 2020.

The transparency report is being released following scrutiny from the United States Government which accused the app of passing personal information of its 100 million American users to the Chinese Communist Party.

The department of commerce had said it would block new downloads and app updates due to these security concerns.

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Parent company ByteDance has been in a race to save its US operations by entering into an alliance with Oracle and Walmart, both US Companies as ordered by President Trump.

In the Tuesday report, ByteDance stated that it received 1,768 requests for user data. 290 of those requests came from US law enforcement agencies.


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