Tired but Wired: 3 Ways your Phone Messes with your Sleep

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You’re already tucked in for the night and suddenly a message comes in. It’s from “the one”. Just 5 minutes, you tell yourself, as you furiously type a reply.

Two hours later, you’re still up; tingly with excitement, tired and unable to fall asleep.

Phones and Sleep

No you don’t have insomnia. No you’re not Tom Hanks from Sleepless in Seattle. Your phone is at fault.

Phones and other electronic gadgets apart from wasting your time unnecessarily, interfere from sleep and they do so in the following ways:


Upsets your Circadian Rhythm

Phones and Sleep

Circadian rhythm is an internal balance that controls your mood, metabolism, your weight and possibility of developing diabetes or cancer. It is also referred to as the sleep/wake cycle.

Melatonin is the hormone that controls this cycle and it is inhibited by light and activated by darkness. The blue light from your phones, laptops, tablets and televisions actively interfere with melatonin’s activities thereby making it harder for you to fall asleep.



Keeps the Brain Active (Wired) Indefinitely

Phones and Sleep

The phrase “Tired but Wired” refers to a situation where you are tired but cannot sleep due to the fact that your brain is active. Watching reruns of your favorite movie on Netflix or replying that last message on WhatsApp may seem harmless but doing so tricks your brain into believing it still needs to be active.

Try not to use your phone thirty minutes before preparing for bed. If you have problems falling asleep, do not try to read an E-book or watch a movie before bed, rather try reading a few pages out of a book. Not only is this a beautiful way to fall asleep, it is also better for your eyes.


Serves as an Unnecessary Alarm ClockPhones and Sleep

From the messages from a friend having a midnight crisis to the YouTube notifications and messages from your service providers, the pesky chimes and beeps from your phone can affect the quality and duration of your sleep especially if you are a light sleeper.

This is why you should “gadget-proof” your sleeping area. No phones, tabs, televisions or anything with a screen should be found there. Just soft lights, books, a music player and restful sounds.

So for a more restful and rejuvenating sleep,

•Remove all gadgets from your room.

•Read a book if you have problem falling asleep. Try magazines if you are not a book person.
•Counting sheep is also a good way to fall asleep. Click Here for more tips on it.
•Drink a calming tea before bedtime. Chamomile tea is a good option.
•Switch off all lights before sleep.
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