Tired of being poor, 27-year-old plans selling one out of his testicles and kidneys

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A Kenyan politician, who once vied for the seat of Member of County Assembly in the country has expressed his desire to sell one of his testicles for Sh500,000.

The 27 years old Ian Harriel Kowiti claimed he made the decision because he doesn’t want to be poor any longer and his best bet was to put up his testicle for sale.

Although Kowiti further stressed that he was willing to sell one of his kidneys for a sum of Sh1.5 million if the recipient is based in the country but he’d give it out for Sh4.5 million if the recipient is a foreigner.

Tired of being poor, 27-year-old plans selling one out of his testicles and kidneys

In an Interview with The Nairobian, the former independent aspirant stated, “What is the need of having two of them (testicles) dangling between my legs if I can still do the job perfectly with just one?

“Imagine that there is someone out there who can’t have a child for one reason or another. I just want to share what I have, for a little profit of course! I’m tired of being broke, yet I don’t need two testicles!”

Kowiti later explained that although, he wants to sell his testicles for money, his willingness to sell his kidney is not solely because of monetary gains. He explained,

“A doctor friend confirmed to me that you can lead a healthy and fulfilling life with just one kidney. It pains me that there is someone out there who is suffering because of kidney failure and has to spend so much money on dialysis. I have two functioning kidneys, and I consider it the right thing to do to give out one.

“I wouldn’t mind donating my kidney, it’s only that I am now financially constrained and wouldn’t mind some cash in exchange for the organ. If I were to donate my kidney, the interested party would have to cater for the cost of surgery and my travel expenses, that is if the operation has to take place outside the country.”

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