Tithing Does Not Qualify You For Heaven – Evangelist

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A Nigerian Evangelist has opened up on the importance of tithing and seed sowing in church.

Further in his message to Nigerians and Christians, Evangelist Tony noted that although tithing and sowing sees is good, it doe not qualify a Christian for heaven.

He wrote:

Today I want to share with you as the spirit led me on an issue that has been on the rise lately, a good number of persons has spoken about it including OAP and celebrities, even the ordinarily individual.

That issue i called Tithe and Seed sowing. Biblically, we are recommended to bring forth our first fruit and also one tenth of our proceed, I have nothing against that for it is a divine instruction from the scriptures by God to man.

The problem I want to speak is that a good number of “acclaimed” pastor has derailed from the concept of earlier missionaries. The earlier missionaries share things in common among themselves especially proceed brought forth by members.

A good number of person including me condemn the flamboyant lifestyle of these persons supposed to be a Shepherd to the sheep, some now compel their members to give prophet offering, seed sowing, pastors appreciation etc and i ask appreciation for what? Doing God’s work?

I am not against whoever is giving what he or she is giving to anyone but i am more concerned about the poor populace in the church, most people are living in abject poverty and are willing to even give out all they have to these pastors whose account balances run into billions because they are been promised of immediate miracles.

Some trek home at the end of service and have nothing to eat at home only to hope and believe that their reward is in heaven and I ask again what happened about that pastors reward being in heaven as well if he shares all he has acquired to the poor in the society.

Funny enough is that most of these persons started their churches with nothing but today with the donations, tithe and seed sowing of their members they now have mansions, exotic cars running into fleets and even business empires and schools including private jets yet with a poor congregant serving a mighty God. Their children have best education oversea and good treatment as well but you aren’t in their plans.

It’s time we talk to this shepherd of the flock to alleviate the sufferings people are going through since the government has failed. They should know one thing, death is an inevitable event and material possession doesn’t live beyond this earth and every man will give account of their stewardship.

Finally, read the gospel of Mathew chapter 25:31-46 at your convenience where Christ rightly stated the parameter of our judgement and making of heaven when He said in as much as you did these to the least of thy brethren you do unto me for when I was hungry you gave me food, sick and you visited me, naked and you clothed me now enter into the kingdom of my father. I am surprised tithe wasn’t mentioned here. It is only our good deed that will speak for us on the last day for no tithe could be better as a gift of love shown to the poor and less privilege in the society. To the christian fanatics you may not like this piece but is a bitter truth that our benefactors will not want us to know and say.


Evang Tony.

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