“She won’t test positive to any performance enhancing substance” – Senior lawyer faults Amusan’s critics


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A Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN), Jiti Ogunye says those second-guessing the women’s 100m hurdles world record holder, Tobi Amusan will end up disappointed.

Ogunye said this in a Facebook post on Monday while celebrating the Nigerian athlete, who clinched gold at the 2022 World Athletics Championships in Oregon, United States on Sunday.

The 25-year-old Amusan first ran a blistering 12:12 seconds to shatter the world record of 12:20 seconds set by Kendra Harrison of U. S. in the semi-finals.

She then followed up with a (+2.5) wind-assisted 12.06s in the final.

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Since her victory, encomiums have poured in from all over the world, including from President Muhammadu Buhari.

However, some Nigerians advised the athlete to avoid taking any substances that could predispose her to fail a drug test and taint her achievement.

Reacting to the concerns raised, Ogunye said, “Don’t second guess her success. She won’t test positive to any performance enhancing substance. A white pap can still come out of our black pot.

“Nigeria might not have contributed very much to her string of successes. But it is legitimate to celebrate her success and share in her joy. May God bless TOBI AMUSAN for winning a gold medal and setting a new World 100m hurdles record at 12.12 s. at the World Athletics Championship early this Monday morning (Sunday) at Eugene, Oregon USA.

“May successes like hers infuse in our citizens a spirit of relentless determination, and a passion for the tireless work that must be done, to bring about the Nigeria of our dream.

“What good news in the midst of torrents of national woes and tragedies!

“This is the real BIG SISTER NAIJA. Hard work. Determination. Consistency. And success. Devoid of adulated pornography and tolerated voyeurism, leading to emergence of fake heroes and heroines, and counterfeit, media- created celebrities!

“May God bless this land.”


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