Toke Makinwa Opens Up About Devastating Betrayal by Estranged Husband

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Nigerian media personality, Toke Makinwa, recently shared the devastating revelation that her estranged husband, Maje Ayida, had impregnated his ex-girlfriend. The shocking news came to light when the ex-girlfriend was already in her ninth month of pregnancy. Toke, who filed for divorce in March 2016 on the grounds of adultery, opened up about this painful experience in the latest episode of her YouTube vlog series, Toke Moments.

Toke Makinwa and Husband

Despite the emotional turmoil she faced, Toke found solace in her work and remained committed to her job, even during the darkest moments. She described her work as the only thing she could rely on when everything else in her life seemed to crumble. When the news started spreading, Toke recalled a moment at the radio station where she worked. The owner of the station called her and expressed concern, advising her to go home due to the public attention. However, Toke decided to stay and continue working, using her job as an escape from the overwhelming emotions.

Toke Makinwa

She revealed that she had learned to leave her personal feelings at the door when entering the studio, focusing on entertaining and informing the millions of listeners who relied on her for their daily dose of news and entertainment. Toke understood the importance of putting aside her own struggles to fulfill her professional responsibilities.

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