Top 10 Suspected Nigerian Yahoo Boys

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Yahoo has become a means of livelihood for a lot of Nigerians because it is a fast way to make money. Not just any kind of money, but the amount of money that permits them to live lavishly. In this article, we will be looking at some Nigerians who are suspected to be Yahoo boys.

  1. Deskid Wayne: He is said to be allegedly the youngest guy in Nigeria who cashes out daily. He is well known for posting a video of him burning huge amounts of money on social media. The young man is always seen flaunting his wealth all over social media, especially on his Instagram; @upforthemoney. He just recently proposed to his girlfriend, who he always flaunts on social media. 
  1. Investor BJ (@investor_bj): The Malaysian based Nigerian who is a die-hard Gucci fan claims to be the only recognized Gucci fan by Gucci in Malaysia. Also, know for lavishly spending money, and showing his wealth all over social media. He is alleged to also be a yahoo boy because of how much money he spends.


  1. B Naira (@bnaira01): An Entrepreneur who was born and brought up in Nigeria. He is a successful Nigerian artist who became popular after his hit song ‘Jasi’. He is a graduate of The University of Lagos. Although, it is gathered that the entrepreneur engages in some extra-curricular activities which gives him so much wealth, although it is not confirmed.

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  1. Aremo Gucci (@aremogucci): He is tentatively one of the supposed richest yahoo boys in Lagos. From expensive houses to expensive cars, too expensive clothes, Aremo doesn’t hold back when it comes to spending his money, but suspicions have arisen concerning the source of his wealth, although this is not a verified allegation.


  1. Opa Six (@opasix): One of the biggest Boys in Nigeria, Opa doesn’t hold back when it comes to flaunting his wealth. He has featured with artists like Reminisce, 9ice and Small Doctor.

  1. King Jide (@Jide____): Also known as Mayor of Cape Town. He is known for showing a receipt of N5m which he had spent on drinks. He has the money and is not afraid to show it everywhere.


  1. Baddy Oosha (@baddyoosha): He is based in Malaysia, was formerly an actor and also featured in songs with 9ice, Lilkesh and Olamide. He enjoys showing off his large spending, and living large. He is also alleged to be one of Nigeria’s top Yahoo boys.
  1. ShyBoss (@officialshyboss): He is a known producer and artist, well known for his money, but also suspected of being a Yahoo boy 
  1. Mompha (@mompha): The CEO of Mompha Bureau de Change is not new to the scene, he is well known, especially for his continual clash with other Nigerian celebrities like Davido. He just recently acquired A Rolls Royce 2020 collection, which was worth N180m, which makes him the first African to own the latest Rolls Royce, and just a few hours ago, he purchased a yellow Ferrari 488 worth N150m.
  2. Hushpupi; also popularly known for his love for money and how he spends it, he is also alleged to be a yahoo boy.



The names of people mentioned above are not CONFIRMED Yahoo boys. This categorization have only been deduced from popular speculations from the Nigerian public, and are however considered mere allegations.


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