Top Five Foods That Are Bad For Your Health


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Many kinds of food have been heavily promoted and declared best for healthy living, however, some of these foods are really pernicious junk food.

Some types of food which we consume have far less health benefits than we think. Belkw are some of them:


Processed meat: Processed meat increases exposure to and the risk of having cancer, most especially bowel cancer. There is no amount of processed meat that is safe. Therefore, it is best to settle for fresh and organically raised, grass-fed or pastured meat.


Microwave Popcorn, Table Salt and Non-organic products like potatoes, unfermented soy products. These are more harmful to the body because they all contain contaminants.


Margarine And Vegetable Oils: These are likely the worst kind of fat to eat. Both contain heart-harming trans-fats for example. If you must use oil to cook, coconut oil is a better alternative.


Artificial Sweeteners: Studies have shown that these sweeteners stimulate appetite, increase carbohydrate cravings, stimulate fat storage and cause weight gain.


Canned Foods: Most of these canned foods contain BPA which is a toxic chemical. Acidity causes BPA to leach into our food which is unhealthy. It is better to switch over to brands that use glass containers instead, especially for acidic foods like tomatoes.

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