The Top Five Ways To Improve The Battery Life Of Your Smartphone


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Gadgets are small technological objects that have a particular function. It could come as a device or an appliance.

Some examples of these gadgets are; Smart phones, Games, Tablets, Webcam, iPod, GPS, Cameras, Television, and many others.

The focus is on our smartphones, which have become such an important part of our everyday activities that many of us cannot function without it.

These smartphones come with great features which keep us busy so much that we end up spending much time having fun.

The batteries in our cell phones come in different specifications and lasting ability. The bigger the milliamp hours, the bigger the lasting power.

But there are extra ways to improve the battery life of your smartphone, which are:

1. Turning off Wi-Fi Hotspot: Most times when browsing the web, we intentionally or unintentionally switch on our  Wi-Fi hot-spot without spotting the battery logging. It is a great battery drainer, especially if there is no device connected to it. Always try to turn off your Wi-Fi network.

2. Screen Brightness: Increasing the phone’s brightness can drain the battery because a lot of power is consumed in that process. Also the effect of the bright screen light on the eyes can be harmful.

3. Charging: Constant charging of our smartphone can drain the battery. Do not allow the battery to drain completely before charging it. Sometimes, the full draining of the battery causes swelling and also reduces the battery life cycle.

4. GPS: To reserve the battery life, try to switch off the device location as most applications require GPS location to be turned on for application access. Try to restrict them once in a while to save the battery, and also extend its life cycle.

5. Background activites: The activities running in the background of your device drains our battery faster than the activities currently being used. Try to stop background processes.

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