Tragedy strikes as Truck kills 8-year-old Boy in Ondo State

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On Saturday, in Owena  town, Idanre Local Government of Ondo State, an eight -year-old boy, who has been identified as Khalid, was killed by a truck.

The young boy was hawking pap on the road, when the truck lost control and bashed into the young boy, killing him on the spot. The accident was a result of brake failure as the driver could not control the vehicle.

An eyewitness who was at the scene  when the accident occurred said the truck was moving at a very high speed, but when the truck driver wanted to hit the break, he realized the brakes of the vehicle was not working, before he could do anything, the truck hit the boy killing him on the spot.

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The boy was buried under the truck, it took the intervention of some travelers to be able to drag the dead boys body from under the truck.

Angry youths from the town who had mobilized themselves were prevented by men of the Nigeria Police and Army from lynching the driver and setting the vehicle on fire.

The driver was arrested while the the corps of the boy was taken to the mortuary .

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