Transcript: Read What Buhari Told Al Jazeera About Foreign School Fees


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President Muhammad Buhari’s recent interview with Al Jazeera broke the internet. PMB spoke with the international news agency on a variety of topics ranging from Nigeria’s membership in the Islamic Countries Coalition Against Terrorism, to Biafra and the most controversial topic it seems was the government policy to deny students traveling abroad who are in need of foreign exchange at official rates.

The statement became controversial as Mr. President admitted that his own children attend foreign schools in England, but anyone who could not afford to pay the fees by purchasing their forex on the black market were suffering from tough luck.

Here are Mr. President’s exact remarks:

Martine: “What about those who are slightly more privileged like yourself? You’ve got children studying abroad. There are parents in Nigeria with kids in universities and schools abroad, who are now facing the possibility of having to pull their kids out. They can actually no longer afford to pay for school fees?”

Buhari: “If the country cannot afford it, so be it.”

Martine: “But your children will continue their studies, no doubt?”

Buhari: “Those who can afford it, can still afford it. But for those who can’t, Nigeria cannot afford to allocate foreign exchange for those who decided to train their children outside the country. We can’t just afford it.”

Martine: “So it’s tough luck.”

Buhari: “Well, that’s the true situation we are in.”

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