Treasury Bills: Individual Not Restricted From Investing -Meristem

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Contrary to the news which circulated in the past week, Meristem has announced that the CBN has not restricted individuals from investing in the Federal Government Treasury Bills.

This was disclosed in a statement forwarded to the Herald by Meristem.

There had been reports regarding the directives of the CBN which was issued, stating that individuals and small firms can no longer buy the federal government treasury bill, however, according to the statement, the restriction only referred to domestic investors in Open Market Operation.

“The restriction is only for domestic investors in Open Markets Operation. (OMO), which is a market strictly between the CBN and the Banks for managing liquidity. Individuals are safe.

“You can still access and invest in Federal Government Treasury Bills (NTBs), either as a primary market or via Secondary markets channels through us.

“Although this directive has caused a decline in the fixed income market, you have nothing to worry about as we have other investment alternatives. Our diverse investment products assist you with properly diversifying your portfolio for possible higher returns.

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“Some of the juicy options are investments in fundamentally justified equities, fixed placement with very competitive returns, US Dollar investments ethical investments, GB Pounds investments and real-estate backed investments (with bi-annual returns).”

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