Trouble in paradise: Impending family feud as Davido’s girlfriend, Chioma dumps school


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Love don’t cost a thing as they say, but in the much publicised romance between Chioma and Davido, love is on the verge of taking away her education.

Last week, the Nigerian celebrity cyberspace was awash with news of Davido popping the will-you-marry-me question and Chioma subsequently saying yes! – and why not – when a Porsche and a hit track has already solidified the foundations of the love affair.

But this lovely little story which many dream will end in Disneyland has a glitch somewhere, a little crack which seems to be widening.

Chioma’s relatively conservative Christian family are not too thrilled with all the paparazzi and razzmatazz surrounding their daughter’s new found love as they feel it has beclouded her head and made her abandon her education. And being members of Seventh day Adventist doesn’t help matters either.

Some reports have it that the smitten chioma who gained admission into Babcock University in 2012 to study Economics is yet to graduate. A course she should have been done with since 2016.

Chioma’s truancy reached new heights when she skipped a whole session because she was gallivanting with Davido from one country to the other.

Sources and close friends have revealed that as her love for Davido glows, at the opposite end, her devotion to her studies wanes, some would say it’s completely dead and buried as she told one of her friends that she has no intention of coming back to school again.

Reports reveal that her father has had a strict talk with her that she must finish school before embarking on any marriage plans.

Her parents, staunch adherents to Seventh Day Adventist, are said to deeply frown at the way their child is treating her celebrated love affair with the superstar singer as top priority over her education.

And like most relationships involving young people in this clime, Davido and Chioma are already cohabiting, they are seemingly inseparable, two peas in a pod inseparable and with these latest developments, both fans, haters and neutrals alike will be watching this story with keen interest.

And don’t bet against Nollywood drafting a poorly scripted movie out of it soon, that’s if they haven’t already.

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