Trouble Sparks As Soldiers, Policemen Engage In Massive Fight


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According to reports, a massive fight broke out in the banking hall of a popular financial institution located in the heart of Calabar, Cross River State capital involving a solider against four riot policemen.

The incident which started at about 11:00 am scared other customers of the financial institution out as both parties involved in the fight resorted to drastic measures including the discharge of tear-gas canister inside the banking hall.

Although the cause of the fight was not clear, both parties involved other members of their respective forces as they called for backups before the Bank officials could settle the rift.

Following restoration of peace in the banking vicinity, the soldier whose uniform had been torn and policemen had sustained varying degrees of injuries.

The policemen were reported to have exited the building at this point only to lay an ambush outside the banking premises upon arrival of their back-up team.

The fracas got even bigger when a detachment of soldiers also arrived at the venue which led to sporadic shooting into the air.

Both parties were however successfully calmed and the matter was resolved amicably hours after.

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