Trump Blows Hot! Threaten to Exclude Canada From Trade Deal


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Trump Blows Hot! Threaten to Exclude Canada From Trade Deal

President of the United States, Donald Trump has threatened Canada with exclusion from a trade deal agreement between the three North American Countries of Canada, The United States and Mexico.

The US threatened to exclude Canada from a new NAFTA agreement and move ahead with just Mexico after both countries failed to reach an agreement during negotiations to rewrite the pact.

Donald Trump in his usual style of policy announcements took to twitter to express his views in a series of tweets;

There is no political necessity to keep Canada in the new NAFTA deal. If we don’t make a fair deal for the U.S. after decades of abuse, Canada will be out.”

“Congress should not interfere with these negotiations or I will simply terminate NAFTA entirely & we will be far better off.” He tweeted.

Officials from both countries had seemed on the edge of striking a deal regarding the new NAFTA trade deal, but several inflammatory comments about the negotiations from Trump got leaked.

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This according to Canadian officials was seen as a sign that Trump was negotiating in bad faith and threatened the new deal entirely.

Trade Talks between both countries are expected to resume on Wednesday during which the duo would have enough time to reach a new trade agreement that would keep Canada in the Trade pact between the North American Trio.

Donald Trump on the other hand has been highly critical of the entire NAFTA agreement, repeatedly calling it one of the worst trade deals ever made.

Donald Trump had announced a breakthrough in trade negotiations with Mexico on Monday without Canada.

On Friday, the White House notified Congress of its intention to sign a Trade agreement with Mexico and Canada ‘if it is willing’, in 90 days.

This signifies that the White House now had 30 days to present the full text of a new agreement to Congress, which will the United States and Canada enough time to sort their differences.

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