Trump Meeting: Biafra, Herdsmen Killings, Stepping Down in 2019 Top Nigerians Wishlist


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As President Muhammad Buhari is set to meet with United States president, Donald Trump at the White House today, Nigerians have taken to social media to outline their wishlist as regards the issues they would like both leaders to discuss.

The US Embassy in Nigeria took to Facebook to ask Nigerians what issues they would like both leaders to discuss at their meeting today in Washington D.C.

The Herald monitored responses from Nigerians, and the three major concerns for most Nigerians are the issue of Biafra/Restructuring, wanton killings by Fulani herdsmen in the North and President Buhari’s 2019 re-election ambition.

Here are some of the responses Nigerians made to the US Embassy page:

Musa Mohammed I am from the Northern part of the country. i love Nigeria & all that lives in it… Please Donald J. Trump ask our president what has he done concerning the insecent killing going on arround the north-central part of the country, which is Christian dominated areas… e.g. Plateau, Taraba, Banue, Kogi, Nassarawa state. Note: Our president is a Fulani Herder Himself and a Patron (alongside the Sultan of sokoto & Emir of Kano and many others) of the Group protecting the killer-Herdmen “Miyetti-Allah” or Is he connected to all that is happening? pls help us ask

Tony Ipriye Uranta Lack of FGN’s political will to decisively end ongoing Ethnic cleansings of Christians by Fulani Herdsmen terrorists!🇳🇬😡

Olorunfemi Adedeji 1. Declaring the “unknown” herds men a terrorist organization
2. Inclusion of women in government
3. Issues of human right abuse under this administration
4. Strategic partnership on education
5. Full repatriation of Abacha loot

Edeh Nwaobodo Biafra Nigeria needs international well observed Referendum, it’s our right to decide whether to continue as Nigerians or go back our separate ways, enough of killings, and jihad, I am a BIAFRA, I am tired of been Nigeria, and please he buhari should provide Nnamdi Kanu for us

Gift Foraine Amukoyo Buhari should be compelled to declare Fulani herdsmen or the purported Boko Haram in their guise as Terrorists to enable security forces deal with them, mercilessly. Our economy needs fine interventions from the international community. It’s in total shambles in Buhari’s inept administration.

Carol Munday Honestly speaking if USA doesn’t step in an assist Biafrans the world is going to regret when they have a case worse than Syria on their hands.. What will the world do with all the billion Biafran/Christian refugee’s when Buhari finishes Islamizing Nigeria??

Tokoni Eliezer Douglas Buhari’s administration must stop the incessant abuse of human rights and disregard for the rule of law and the judiciary.

This government, in the guise of “anticorruption”, has become the most corrupt in the nation’s history. Its operations have been intentionally shrouded in a serial propaganda of black-lies.

The spotlight must be beamed on Buhari to address these issues before the world!

Layefa Walter President Buhari illegally transferred over $400 million to the US.

The US should return the money and ask president Buhari to respect the Nigerian constitution and follow due process in transferring the money to the US.

The US stands for integrity and transparency thus the US should not allow, encourage or promote illegality.

Samson Omokhudu Ogwime President Trump should ask Buhari not to seek reelection for any reason due to unprecedented high level of insecurity currently facing Nigeria. today.

Jideofor Udezue President Trump please help Biafrans,Buhari disobeyed court orders, not one not two. Dss did same thing & still No one is calling for their arrest because they’re the slave masters. Arewa Youths can’t be arrested because they are of the slave masters. Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen are crossing red lines everyday with human blood and, yet no serious arrest made. Nnamdi Kanu ask for referendum and he was detained for 2 years without trials. Now, South East and South South are militarily because a group that is non-violent is termed a threat by the slave masters. And many slaves, especially from the old conquered Eastern region are busy insulting and disparaging Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB. This is a case of Stockholm syndrome. This set of people refused to read the handwriting on the wall. The Youths and poor masses are tired of this injustice and suffering. They have decided to end it by all means.handwriting on the wall As an efulefu, you can keep insulting and disparaging Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB, but when this struggle turns violent be sure you’ll be part of the damages that will follow it. “I pledge Nigeria is not my country, how can I be faithful, loyal and honest to an expired country? To be a Nigerian is not by force, I don’t defend her unity, I don’t uphold her honor and glory, so BREAK it God.”

Okeke Benjamin Ebere we believe President Trump, so we the Biafrans want Trump to educate Buhari that Referendum date which Biafrans are asking for is not a call for war, it simply mean to allow the Biafrans chance to say their mind. It is Democratic way of resolve political issues . Biafrans want Self Determination which is in the UN constitution in the right of indigenous people.

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Itabi Bassey Buhari should be advised to respect the rights of Nigerians to independent opinions without harassment from the security forces. Second, the poor human rights records should be addressed. Third, political persecution in the name of the fight against corruption should stop. The fight against corruption should be fought irrespective of the political party one belongs. Four, buhari should be sincere about ending the killings in the country. His bias is what is triggering the crisis. In a country like ours where service chiefs are appointed not based on merit but pecuniary considerations, the body language of the President is interpreted by the law enforcement agencies to mean compromise. Because the president has taken sides with the herdsmen, the security chiefs cannot be seen to act otherwise, thereby nipping the problem in the bud.

Elvis ‘Desage’ Osung The ethnic cleansing and displacement of people of the middle belt region by Fulani herdsmen needs to be put to an end, the perpetrators need to be brought to book.

The president has chosen to abuse human rights of Nigerians by holding Dasuki, Elzakzaky and others in detention extrajudicially for longer than is allowed by law.

Mohammed Ugbede Adaji He should please tell Buhari to forget the 2019 election and just walk away at the end this term. Buhari came to power through bloodshed and he is ruling us with blood, he brought hunger and insecurity.


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