Trump Says Covid Vaccine Will NOT Be Mandatory For Americans


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US President Donald Trump has said that the COVID-19 Vaccine will not be compulsory for everyone to take.

Trump made this known during a press briefing about possible vaccines against the deadly coronavirus.

During the press briefing, Trump talked about the measures being put in place as the country is gradually reopening amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Talking about key features for the reopening plan, he said that America is now conducting close to 350,000 tests per day.

The President said that all efforts are being put into developing vaccines, “when I say ‘quickly’ we’re looking to get it by the end of the year, if we can.  Maybe before.  We’re doing tremendously well.” Trump said.

During a QnA session with the press, a reporter asked: “Do you mean a fully approved vaccine for everyone?  The full public?  Or a partially approved vaccine with emergency use?”

Trump replied saying: “No, we’re looking for a full vaccine for everyone that wants to get it.  Not everybody is going to want to get it.”

When asked if the vaccine will be made available to other countries around the world, he replied saying: “The last thing anybody is looking for is profit, in terms of what we’re doing.  Every company, they want to get it out.  We’ve had that — we’ve had a great experience on remdesivir.  We’ve had a great experience on everything we’ve done.  People are looking to come up with the answer.  They’re not looking and — you know, typically they’re saying, “Oh, how much am I going to make?  How much?”  They really have been — there’s been a great spirit on this.  They want to get to the bottom of it.  And I think we’ll be able to do that.”

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