Trump scores most votes from minorities in 60 years, black women double support


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President Donald Trump faced huge challenges and adversaries in his reelection bid, due partly to his own doing, but made history while at it.

The major news networks on Saturday called the 2020 presidential race for his Democratic Party counterpart, Joe Biden, although the president insists it is not over; he is challenging the results in key battleground states.

However, now may be a good time to examine some of the history the 74-year-old billionaire has created.

For four years, and perhaps before, Trump was cast by the major news networks as a Muslim-loathing, White supremacist megalomaniac.

For someone garbed in such offending attire, it came as a rude shock that he still garnered more than 70 million popular votes, more than any losing candidate in American political history.

Speaking during his Fox News programme, “The Next Revolution”, host Steve Hilton noted that Trump created a historic shift in the Republican support base and “created a modern, multiracial working class coalition.”

Quoting Andrew Sullivan, Hilton said that “Trump’s core message was seared into one of our major political parties for the foreseeable future, and realigned American politics.”

According to the 51-year-old politican commentator and ex-political adviser, Trump won among nearly a third of latinos, achieved record-levels with black men, doubling support with black women, high with LGBT Americans, Jewish Americans, Muslim Americans, and over half of Native Americans.

Trump equally won the highest share of non-White vote of any Republican since 1960, exit polls show.

He said that Trump has helped turn the Democratic Party into a party for the coastal and urban elite.

Hilton said Biden got his support from Wall Street, lawyers, professors, which conferred on Biden huge advantages.

According to Forbes, Biden received more than twice as much money from billionaires as Trump in the final push for the presidency.

Perhaps the president’s greatest adversary was what Hilton called the “Alliance of Bias” – Big Media and Big Tech.

He said that after the huge donations, Biden “had something that money can’t buy – ‘the Alliance of Bias’ (Big Media and Big Tech).

According to the Harvard Kennedy School Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy, big media was 90 percent negative against Trump.

“By the election, it looked like 100 percent. How could that not suppress the vote?” Hilton queried.

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