Truth revealed! Sex is really really bad


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Sex is bad

Sex is beautiful, awesome as it was created by God to be enjoyed. However, too much sex can be very harmful to the body system. The Holy Books even say ‘too much of everything is wrong’ literally speaking and thus engaging in excessive sex has its dire consequences.

The male folk who indulge in excessive sex run the bigger risk than the females because ejaculating every now and then can be harmful to human health.

I think it is important to mention that during the sex cycle, nearly every major organ in the body is involved. The most important ones are the heart, lungs, brain, kidneys, the penis, clitoris, vagina, the spine which contains the spinal cord . These structures and their repertoire of blood vessels and nerves are recruited into action during sex, that is why a young man who has diabetes mellitus and allows himself to take a few bottles of beer while partying with friends may be gathering very serious danger if he is under the influence of Alcohol then he goes further to engage in passionate physically demanding sex. It is very possible his body could respond negatively and in turn he could go into coma from which there may be no recovery.

Well, let us highlight the factors that could make sex dangerous:

Sorry, you might be too old

Erectile dysfunction or persistent inability to achieve and maintain penile erection is a major problem now torturing men ,all over the world. This phenomenon is more common after the age of 40, it is one reason many men are stuffing themselves with sex stimulants. Women were pointed out to be the reason that men try in every way to impress them. But the women argue that it is the ultimate responsibility of every man to know himself. Arguably, It is unreasonable for a man older than 50 to expect that his sex drive and performance will be the same as it was when he was 20 years old; libido and performance will recede with age, and while a wife of similar age will understand, a young lady with mountains of energy and sex drive will not . These men will resort to all sorts of ways that could lead to untimely death just to match up to a young and energetic wife.

It is in your gene

For example a male of African descent is on it’s own a risk factor for many diseases of the heart and it’s blood vessels. The black male is naturally endowed with sex organs which on the average are remarkably sizeable and efficient . Perhaps it is wise to remember that the maker designed the African males so no one has it all. And so from all over the world, there are more males of African descent dying from complications associated with sex performance enhancing drugs. Stop pushing your luck.

Reduce the alcohol intake

Again the African male’s geometry or Anatomy of the heart is not exactly the same as the white man of the same age. The pace maker in the heart(SAN) is set to kick start the heart earlier and to make the heart beat faster, Beyond that, the male African is more predisposed to have abnormal pacemakers, or double conduction pathways (wolf Parkinson white syndrome), etc. Because it requires expensive equipment to diagnose many conditions of the heart, many patients are not aware they are not as strong as they think. Alcohol increases heart rate, causes blood vessels to relax and widen. It stimulates the brain and then later depresses it. It may therefore stimulate the man, and then while the spirit is willing, the flesh is too weak to respond . The man goes for more alcohol until he goes into coma, or the heart beats faster and faster, until it stops because of excessive stimulation.

Sitting occupations, standing occupations

Men whose jobs require sitting down or standing for long periods of time as required by occupation, are liable to problems of the lower part of the spine. A common symptom being low back pain. As they grow older, the problems are likely to get worse even to the extent that the bones may shift from normal positions. Because the spine is like a beam, it requires one little snap as may occur during one memorable time of wonderful sex and death may occur or paralysis from waist down may pacify the man.

Now let us enlighthen ourselves on medical conditions that can make sex bad too.

Diabetes Mellitus and Hypertension

Many Nigerians from the age of 40 are diagnosed with Diabetes or hypertension or even both. Scientists and physicians think that the connection may lie somewhere between the small blood vessels and the equally tiny nerves that keep them alive. What ever the case, it is safer for couples to go slow and easy on sex if the man is obese, has diabetes, mellitus, hypertension, or both. Inability to achieve and maintain erection is very common among patients undergoing treatment for these conditions, including obesity. It is important to note that many of the drugs used in the treatment of many conditions such as hypertension, and others like peptic ulcer which incidentally is most likely to afflict the man whose blood pressure is chronically high have a major side effect; they cause impotence, the man has difficulties getting an erection, or if he manages to have one ,it is not strong enough for him to achieve penetration or maintain it. Again, he needs an understanding wife to keep his marriage. If she complaints, it gets worse. He is forced to resort to drugs, that will further give him stress and the effect is to increase his blood sugar , increase his blood pressure ,death ultimatly.


Whether it is Gyenoid or Truncal obesity, it is bound to affect the heart and the blood vessels, truncal obesity being much more dangerous. Sex on it’s own is a form of exercise . Tolerance and exhaustion after any exercise characterize obesity, particularly when BMI is above 35. Death during sex, worse after a meal and wine is not uncommon in obese men.

Adult Asthmatics

Asthma, characterized by difficult, noisy and wheezy breathing is a medical condition that is generally understood to be inherited. It is now believed that it could be acquired as a result of persistent exposure to various allergens. Even early exposure to broad spectrum antibiotics is being increasingly recognized as a risk factor for developing asthma. Because of the similarities in morphology between muscles of the heart and the respiratory tree, adult onset asthma is particularly dangerous as it may actually be coming from a poorly treated or undiagnosed heart condition. An attack can occur any time, but not frequently during sex because the stress response to sex, has a protective effect, but not when the system is over stretched . It will not be out of place to suggest that affected individuals should be smart enough to ensure they have a cup of inhaler or nebulizer close by when necessary.

Sickle cell disease 

Patients with sickle cell disease; the heterozygous AS or homozygous SS have issues with flow properties of blood (haemorheology). Particularly for those with SS, there is a possibility of throwing emboli, and developing stroke. This is not to say that they should avoid sex. There are many AS African males who have four to seven children or more and never suffered any of the crises that take sickle cell patients to Hospital. Moderation is simply the watch word.


Sex steroids, morphine, and other pain killers have body building as well as performance enhancing properties, and hence, users are mainly athletes and footballers. What these drugs or preparations also do and which unfortunately is usually untold is that they can kill at any time, mostly while the user is actively performing. Staying away from them is the best decision any young person can make ever!


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