TV Station Suspends Eight Female Anchors Over Weight Issue

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An Egyptian Media House, The Egyptian Radio and Television Union, ERTU, has suspended eight of its female anchors based on their weight.

The media house suspended the broadcasters citing them as ‘overweight’ and requiring them to undergo weight loss programmes before returning on screen.

The Media house to this effect has given the suspended women a period of a month to slim down in order to fit the “appropriate appearance” for journalism.

According Al-Yawm al-Sabi, reported that only women were targeted in the weight loss suspension which has raised reactions from some women rights advocates.

One of the suspended TV hosts, Khadija Khatab, while condemning the move said to a privately owned newspaper, Al Watan: “It is humiliating and even scandalous.”

Defending the move, the TV Chairman, Majdi Lasheen said: “This decision sounds the alarm for all TV presenters that they have to pay attention to their appearances, including body weight.

“This is the beginning of a plan to apply discipline and regulations designed to restore the beautiful image of all official TV stations.”

He further added: “The decision to suspend the eight presenters is aimed at giving them a chance to change their looks in order to fit appearance on television.”

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