Twenty Percent Of Nigerians Responsible For 46.63% Of National Expenditure- Report


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The ‘rich/poor divide’ in Nigeria is growing as The National Bureau of Statistics quoted “inequality in Nigeria worsened between 2004 and 2013 but improved in 2016.

Inequality is measured by the Gini/Theil which went from 0.356 in 2004 to 0.41 in 2013 but had reduced to 0.391 in 2016.

According to statistics on consumption by Nigerians in 2004 the top 10% of Nigerians consumed 26.59% of all goods and services whilst the bottom 10% consumed 2.56% of goods and services.

Regarding national expenditure, in 2016 the richest 10% were responsible for 26.59% of national expenditure and the top 20% account for 46.63% of national expenditure.

The middle classes expenditure had been declining between 2004-2013 and the upper classes rising but in 2016 that figure reversed putting the middle classes expenditure at 30.26% higher than 2013’s 29.14%.

NBS report puts the biggest rise in expenditure shares between 2013 and 2016 as the middle class whilst the upper class has decreased and lower classes have stayed the same.

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