Two Men Arrested for Murder outside Meek Mill Concert


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Two men have been arrested for shooting and killing two people outside a Meek Mill concert in 2016 according to the Police.

The two men, Travis Ward and Jaquan Graves were shot and killed at the parking lot of Oakdale Theatre in Wallingford, Connecticut not quite long after Meek Mills’s show on the 30th of December, 2016; two people were also injured in the parking lot shoot-out.

Twenty-three year old Kyle Hampton as well as thirty-three year old Edwards were arrested by Police in connection with the fatal shooting. Reports have it that both men have been hit with first degree manslaughter with firearm charges as well as carrying an unlicensed weapon without permit (a pistol).

One of the men, Hampton was also charged with evidence tampering while his accomplice Edwards is also being charged with criminal possession of a firearm.

In a twist to the story, the family of Travis Ward, one of the victims is suing Meek Mill for the incident; the family claims Meek Mill’s lyrics glorify violence which attracted thugs to the concert despite police insistence that the shooting had nothing to do with the rapper.

The family insisted that Meek Mill as well as the Theatre bosses should have had a better security arrangement that night.


Although this is no apparent fault of his, Meek Mill hasn’t had the best of times both in his career as well as his personal life.

The rapper has been in and out of jail multiple times on charges of drugs and firearms possession, he also recently broke up with female rapper and songstress Nicki Minaj after dating for a while. This coupled with his beef with fellow rapper Drake as well as being sent back to prison for violation of parole has really taken its toll on the rappers life.

Meek Mill has just been released again from prison and has been working on getting his career back on track.

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