Two Nigerian drug smugglers die as the drugs they swallowed burst in their stomach


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Two Nigerian men, identified as Chigozie Pascal Aniagbado and Chijioke Chidioka Ogbuefi, have been reported dead after the hard substance which they swallowed burst in their stomach.

According to reports, the tragic death occurred while the duo tried to smuggle hard substance from Brazil to Ethiopia. The smugglers had swallowed the hard substance in order to avoid being caught at the airport.

An eyewitness narrating the event said;

“I was in an Ethiopian Airline from Brazil to Ethiopia. My seat number falls at the middle of two men.
The flight was 12hrs. The young man at my right asked me to check the flight map to know how far we had gone which I did. We were already half the journey.

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Then he said to me “do you speak Igbo,” I said “yes.” He said he doesn’t know if he would make this journey that it seems the drugs he swallowed must have exceeded its stay in his system.

Then my mind sank. I began to shiver. He said ‘don’t be scared, it’s not in the bag, it is inside my body.’ He said I should stand and get him water, but I refused because I was scared he might insert something in my bag.

I had to wave for the air hostess to come. She came and served him water. He demanded for food, he was given. He became calm. A few minutes later, he brought an olive oil from his bag and drank.

Then he started shivering and fell down. That was when all the doctors in the plane assembled, questioning, asking his country and tribe.

He was able to open up that he swallowed drugs. The Doctors had to put him on oxygen, then th eother one also started shivering

Because of them, we were to have an emergency landing. The pilots said no matter their crime, it’s their priority to keep them alive. However, eventually lost the battle.”

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Source: Within Nigeria

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