U.S Set To Impose Visa Ban On Politicians Who Undermine Nigeria’s Democracy


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According to reports, the American Government are contemplating imposing a visa ban on perpetrators of violence in the forthcoming Bayelsa State  Elections.

Claire Pierangelo, United States Consulate General ensured that observers would be mobilized from America to Bayelsa State to ensure the elections go smooth and fair.

Pierangelo urged the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to be objective and operate without pressure and intimidation, adding that security agencies must also avoid interfering with the process.

According to PUNCH, The envoy, who spoke during a briefing on Wednesday at the U.S Consulate General on the Victoria Island  said she had already spoken to the leading political actors in the state, adding that the U.S was committed to ensuring a peaceful election in Bayelsa on Saturday.

Pierangelo said, “I recently returned from Bayelsa as part of my first trip to the Niger Delta region since assuming my role as the consulate general.

“In all of my public and private engagements with key stakeholders, I expressed the US expectations regarding an electoral outcome that reflects the will of the people of Bayelsa.

“We will be out there in the field observing the election. I am aware that many other foreign and international organisations will also be on the ground in Bayelsa.

“We will work closely with our colleagues and partners in the international community to promote a credible process that will benefit the people of Bayelsa,”

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“We call on all candidates and their supporters to reject election-related violence. The US and the international community will be watching the election closely in order to deter potential instigators of violence or those who seek to undermine the democratic process,”



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