Uber opens support centre for driver-partners in Abuja

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Cab hailing company, Uber has unveiled ts Greenlight Hub in Abuja as part of its drive to enhance the efficiency of driver-partners. The hub had earlier been launched in Lagos.

The Greenlight Operations Manager for West Africa, O’Yoma Ukueku, said in a statement, “Driver-partners remain a critical part of Uber operations in West Africa. Providing a functional, modern and technologically-enabled support centre for them reinforces our commitment to continually providing real-time, onsite support to driver-partners.

“Uber’s team of dedicated and well-trained professionals will ensure that their concerns and inquiries are addressed and resolved.”

He noted that, aside from simplifying cab hailing, it has also started tackling greater challenges such as reducing congestion and pollution in major cities by getting more people into fewer cars.

Uber said the launch of the greenlight hub served as a driver-partner appreciation event, where notable driver-partners who had distinguished themselves by providing excellent and professional service were also rewarded with a variety of gifts such as new generators, refrigerators, plasma televisions and microwaves.

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The General Manager, West Africa, Uber, Lola Kassim, said, “Driver-partner support is something that we take seriously at Uber. That is why we have opened this location at the Jabi Lake Mall – centrally located to a wider number of driver-partners. “The launch of the Greenlight Hub serves a dual purpose of providing a world-class support centre for Uber driver-partners and provides us with an avenue to celebrate and appreciate those who have ensured that Uber remains top. We remain committed to creating economic and business opportunities for those signed up to drive on the Uber app, and we’re here to help ensure they reach their goals.”

Samson Yusuf, driver-partner with the highest number of trips in Abuja, stated, “Winning this prize and being recognised by Uber means a lot to me. I started off as a driver to a fleet partner, but as a result of commitment, consistency and the constant support of the experts at Uber, today I’m a proud owner of my own cars, all operational on Uber. It is something that a lot of people can achieve through hard work and being focused.”


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