Let UK, US mind their business – Presidency


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Femi Adesina, Senior Adviser on Media and Publicity to Buhari has urged the UK and US to stop meddling in the affairs of Nigeria and face the issues in their countries.

He made this known while speaking in an interview in Channels TV Wednesday morning.

The UK and US recently urged the nigerian government to respect the rule of law as they have become aware of how the government violates the rights of citizens. For instance, the Department of State Service (DSS) have defied court orders authorising  the release of detained Journalist, Sowore, on several occasions

However,  Femi Adesina reacted by saying the presidency answers neither to the UK or US.

“We are not answerable to the US, the UK or the EU. We are Nigeria, a sovereign country. Those countries and entities have issues of their own. Let them deal with their issues. Let Nigeria also deal with her internal issues. We are not answerable to them.”

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When he was  asked to share his thoughts concerning Wole Soyinka’s open criticism of the Buhari led-administration, Adesina said the Nobel Laureate was free to express himself and it is up to the government to consider or ignore them.

“We respect Prof. Soyinka. You don’t have too many of them in the country or even on the continent. He is an avatar and he is well respected but his opinion will remain his opinion. It will be considered and if there are things to act on, we will act on them,”


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