UNBELIEVABLE! Lady shocked as Airport Officials Push airplane (Video)

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Online users have been thrown into a state of bewilderment after a video captured the moment Nigerian airport officials pushed an airplane to kickstart.

The video has attracted criticisms from Nigerians who believe the federal government is not providing basic infrastructure and equipment for the aviation sector as a tug ought to be used to wheel the airplane instead of airport officials manually pushing the aircraft.

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Facebook user, Rena Napoleon who shared the video wrote,

Abeg God come and split Nigeria make everybody go there own country and change identity cause Nigeria is dead and gone…..pushing ✈️ ✈️ plane to start ? Chaaii only in Nigeria ..I pity people that will board this wheelbarrow called plane for travelling…

Here are some reactions from online users;

Napoleon Juslikedaady

 Zoological republic of standard animals .the professors,the engineers,the politicians, your leaders, your pastors except few, all your dady G O ,and the students and graduats are all 21st century animals.


Agbamu Akpovire Timothy Jnr

They aren’t actually pushing it to start… its repositioning of the craft , its done in europe and every advanced country too… its a normal procedure in Airports

Rena Napoleon

Pushing to start or pushing to reposition,but there is push abi?? That is 1..2,,,have you seen with your eyes before in Europe or anywhere such thing happens?? The answer is no ..yes in all the airport plane can be repositioned but not by pushing oga, they have machine for such a heavy job which I am 100% sure because I have seen it with my eyes before ….must Nigerian government kill poor citizens with hard labour and manual job ?? Why not at least automatic for ones…that’s why Nigeria is just a zoo believe me

Adebayo Jeremiah Oluwasegun

It’s normal to push plane naa… only that there is a vehicle that specially does that. 😂
Planes dont have reverse like cars. They only got reverse idles for speed break after landing. 💯

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